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Pet Friendly Apartments near me

It’s a wonderful day, you’re taking a walk in you pet friendly apartment community  to get some fresh air, all of a sudden–squish. YUCK! You don’t even have to look because you know you’ve really stepped in it. There’s nothing that ruins your day quite like an encounter with a pile of dodo.

We love pets and that is why we are offer pet friendly apartments. We ask that our apartment residents that are pet-owners are responsible and as green as they should be. Being a responsible, apartment friendly pet-owner means picking up after your pet when they do their business, it helps protect human and animal health and the apartment community environment.

There are some pretty important environmental reasons for proper pet waste disposal.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) considers pet waste a “non-point source pollutant.” This type of pollution is caused by runoff from rainfall or snow-melt moving over the ground, picking up the pollutant and depositing it into natural bodies of water and underground drinking water.Herbicides and insecticides are found in the same category.

When pet waste is left on the ground, it can have a devastating impact on our apartment community lawn and, more important, on the larger environment as well. It also poses a threat to people and other animals.

If left on the ground in you pet friendly apartment community, your dog’s excrement–including bacteria, viruses and other microbes–will usually end up in the water table. A heavy rainstorm and spring run-off can easily carries dog waste into streams and rivers, and any waste that ends up in storm sewers usually flows directly into a body of water without being treated.

Your pet’s waste can also cause illness in other animals and in people. Dog excrement contains a long list of bad bugs, including adenovirus, parvovirus, giardia, coccidian, roundworm, and tapeworm.

Other dogs can easily become infected, as can local wildlife; if illness spreads among wildlife, this can have a serious impact on the health of the ecosystem. As with most ailments, children are more susceptible, and that’s a problem because children spend a lot of time playing close to the ground and they touch their eyes and mouths without a thought to whether their hands are clean.


Help us maintain our Pet Friendly Apartment Community and Scoop The Poop.

Pet Friendly Apartment

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